Why I love Golf?

It so happened that a friend suggested we take up Golf. So there I was at a driving range trying to hit but not quite succeeding. This was followed by a 9 hole following my learn by doing philosophy. I ended with a sore arm. It was so frustrating and indeed time for a lesson. I learned my grip was completely wrong as was my stance. My coach corrected that and “Thwack” a perfect hit with a 7 iron. Never thought a grip could make such a difference.

Golf is ridiculously simple, get the ball in the hole, yet incredibly hard. Golf is the perfect pandemic sport with distancing made easy after tennis of course. Golf is about strategy and execution, How do I not land in the sand pit or pond ? What club do I use? Remember Archimedes, “Give me a long enough lever and I will move the earth.” Well It turns out the different numbered clubs are actually levers. The lower the number the longer the length and the farther you can hit. I thought it was the reverse when I played my first 9 hole. Golf is about learning technique and applying it.

Golf is a vacation for the mind. When I go to the course I forget about everything else. Golf is about making that drive that lands you on the green. Golf is about making that perfect putt that will land the ball in the hole or that prized hole in one. Golf is about cheering your friends land that perfect shot. Golf is about walking a lot. Golf is about building camaraderie and that is why I love golf.