Why I love News

The earliest memory I have of reading a newspaper is 4th Grade which may be early or late depending on where you grew up. It was the most fascinating thing I ever laid my hands on. The ultimate never ending story. 

I remember reading the Times Of India discovering the intrigue of politics & business to the steady statistical reporting from Sports, It was magical. The story of the world unfolding in real time. I was hooked, News is my crack. I begin every day reading the Wall street Journal. I am restless on Sunday when there is no edition. I fill that gap by reading the Financial Times which thankfully releases their Monday edition when its Sunday afternoon in california.

News today has evolved beyond the traditional news paper to Twitter feeds, Substack and Patreon. So the question really is, do you really need the news?

News to me is entertainment & a window to the world. If you are seeking truth, it may be disappointing as news is littered with bias and misinformation. The way to fix it according to me is to read a lot of it, right, left center and then form an informed opinion about where the truth lies. Following people on twitter, Subscribing to newsletters from Individuals who are subject matter experts is good too. For me, that means following Matt Levine, Ben Thompson and the anonymous Doomberg.  

News can be terrifying reading about the War in Ukraine or the massive earthquake in Turkey. News can be humorous too, with articles such as Jeff Bezos’s yatch being stuck in rotterdam because a bridge would need to be dismantled to reports about a person who went for a fish bone extraction from his throat and complained about nearly dying from starvation due to the amount of time it took before the 10 minute procedure was performed. News reveals the quirks and edges of humanity.

News can also be inspiring. I learned about Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger &  How they built Berkshire, to learning about how software is eating the world. For someone in technology hacker news is a fantastic source of information, that is where where I first read about bitcoin and now chatgpt.

Reading news for me is energy. Connecting the dots across different stories and perhaps getting a peek into what’s next.. 

That is why I love the news. I’d love to know where you get your news from?