Day in the Life of a Software Developer

1.Wake up, Check email to see build status.

2.Get ready, reach work(which really is 3 feet away if you are working from home).

3.check email again for major changes to codeline. 

4. Start Eclipse(or suitable IDE, Visual Studio maybe , EMACS or VIM if you are hardcore linux)

5. Resume coding on feature you have been thinking about in your dreams.

6.Always be vigilant whether the tools you are using are licensed, free as in free speech, free beer or


7. Meetings (May vary depending on if you are Agile or some other variation)

8.Lunch (Grab a sub or something else and get back to your cube) 

9. Talk to colleagues in the break room intermittently about the feature/codeline.

10. Run automation tests against code.(varies)

11.Tea/Coffee + Sunlight break at 3:00 . Get Tea and step out in the sun, think about the code you have written and the code you are going to write.(Believe me Sunlight does wonders for Programmers)

12.Back to coding.

13. Check in code before leaving (again varies)

14.Reach home and VPN In the n/w.

15. Go biking or whatever it is that you do.

16.Read Hackernews.

17. Have a nice dinner(not necessarily cooked by you) while watching netflix streaming,youtube.

18.Prepare for next day(By now you do realize you are in a infinite loop)


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